Handy 3000 Word Essay Writing Tips

Someone says that a play is worth a candle. However, is writing a 3000 word essay is worth all those efforts and spent free time? It is very complicated to complete this assignment. The fact that you have never written such a paper before makes the situation even worse. Such a long project equals about ten typed pages. Fortunately, everyone can produce this academic work if he/she concentrates on the topic and has much time.

In order to prepare an exclusive piece of writing, draw your attention to the following information.

First of all, before you start writing an essay it is necessary to choose a topic that you are well-aware of. It may seem quite obvious. However, students sometimes select very complex subjects for discussion. They think that if the idea is fresh, then it will be easier for them to write. On the contrary, they may not be able to collect useful material for the paper or may become confused about the examined matter.

After the topic is chosen, you should move to the stage of preparation. You need to do in-depth research and collect valuable information about the tackled issue. Try to express your thoughts on paper and prepare the first draft. Organize your ideas and find major arguments to develop them. Before you begin to work on your project, you should know what you are going to describe and what material to gather. Besides, all college papers have to be logically structured. Therefore, you should know which facts should be presented first and which last.

At the essay preparation stage, you should not worry about grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. When producing the first draft, do not try to make it perfect. The point is that you will change it several times. Some students are so worried about the proper use of words or word-combinations that they forget about the issue they are exploring. You will edit your work when it is completed. Now, your main goal is just to keep writing. When you have written the draft, revise it. You should pay close attention to its structure. The main thing is not to write more pages but to provide a steady flow of information.

It is of crucial importance to give readers impressive examples and fill the paper with colorful details.Your main task is to present users an informative and interesting academic work. Thus, you may use a lot of adjectives in order to provide a full description of the subject. Besides, such an approach will help you increase the number of words. By the way, it is will be much easier for you to carry out the project if you make a clear essay outline.

The next thing you should do is check whether you have written enough words. If you have achieved your goal, then you may start editing your paper. Make sure that your work does not contain mistakes and all punctuation marks are properly placed. However, if your writing project still lacks a certain number of words, you should revise it one more time. Go back to an essay introduction and make sure that it is really informative. Maybe, you need to add more facts to it. Thus, you will increase the word count. However, if you need to add a lot of words to your assignment, put it away for some time. You should find more sources containing concrete facts about the matter.

It sometimes seems impossible to complete a 3000 word essay. In order to simplify the writing process, take a close look at the following tips:

  • Try to set the number of words that you have to write every day. Surely, everything depends on the deadline by which the paper has to be completed. You should not be upset if you have written less than you expected. You can always write more the next day.
  • While writing body paragraphs, you should let yourself have a rest if you feel tired.
  • It will be very good if you ask your friends to read your paper and express their opinion about it. Maybe, they will advise you how to increase the number of words.
  • Strive to examine the matter thoroughly. It is understandable that the length of the work matters, but producing an original essay is important as well.
  • Avoid presenting new information in the essay conclusion. Repetition will not make your project better.