Organize Your Body Paragraph Properly

The strong body paragraph is an inevitable part of every academic essay. It supports the writer`s argumentative claim, as well as the thesis statement. If you do not possess enough knowledge or writing skills and do not know what is a body paragraph, do not hesitate to use our professional guide!

1. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence.

Being a part of a thesis statement, a topic sentence organizes and encapsulates the entire paragraph. It should be put at the very beginning of the paragraph, although some students can put it also at the end of the paragraph. Before writing a topic sentence, do not hesitate to ask yourself – what am I going to discuss in my essay? Be sure to recheck if your topic sentence is connected with your thesis statement as it is required by the modern academic standards. If it is related to your thesis statement, it will help you to achieve coherence of your essay. You should not be too explicit when echoing the thesis statement. The topic sentence should not restate your thesis – it is better to be subtle rather than heavy-handed. Your topic sentence should bring new information – it should not be a commonly known statement. Remember that a topic sentence performs much more functions than just a connection with a thesis statement. The topic sentences serve for the logical organization of the body paragraphs according to one single idea. Use them to demonstrate how your paragraphs contribute to the whole essay or research paper. If your topic sentence just restates your thesis, your paragraph may be redundant. The professors do not like reading the endless repetitions. Thus, try to make your essay informative and original. If the topic sentence contains the notion that should be explained, do not hesitate to do it in the next several sentences.

Although, all the paragraphs require writing a topic sentence, there are the cases where the topic sentences are redundant. For example, if your paragraph is no more than just a series of events, feel free to omit the topic sentence. Also, you can avoid using the topic sentence in a particular paragraph, if you have already used it at the end of the previous one. However, do not forget that the vast majority of the body paragraphs require the topic sentence.

2. Your arguments should be supported by the effective evidence.

No matter how smart you are, your paper should contain some evidence that support your arguments and ideas. Usually, the writers use the quotes, statistic data, illustrations, figures and other devices for this purpose. When introducing some evidence in your paper, make sure you do it smoothly and logically. Do not forget about the body paragraph transitions. Your readers should be able to follow your ideas without applying much effort. When quoting some material, do not hesitate to provide all the information about the author and date of publication to avoid the plagiarism. When quoting the ideas of other people properly, you will demonstrate that you respect their work. If you quote some material, you may say that the writer thinks, believes, claims, declares, confirms, opines, proposes, explains, indicates, describes, asserts, etc. Be sure to choose the correct one based on your meaning because these notions are not interchangeable. If you do not know how to start a body paragraph, feel free to find the effective academic essays available on the web and use them as the source of inspiration.

3. Explain your evidence.

Explain to your reader why you have picked this particular quote and what role does it play in your research. Before writing, feel free to define body paragraph - what is its main purpose. The readers should agree or disagree with your claims, but do not leave them indifferent to your topic. You should show the reader that you are interested in this particular topic and can easily prove why your ideas are correct. Thus, be sure to provide counterarguments to your opponents. Make your concluding paragraph extremely strong. Do not hesitate to show your instructor that you have achieved the desired results and your research is useful for the particular discipline or subject. Finish your essay with a thought-provoking idea, and you will leave the positive impression on your professor and colleagues.

We assure you that writing the body paragraphs is not a difficult thing to do. If you demonstrate the professional approach to writing, your professor will evaluate your paper with the highest marks!