Learn how to Create Essay Conclusion

Most of the professors think that essay conclusion is the key part in any paper. For sure, every essay should have a compelling an introductory paragraph that will make the reader explore the future paper discussion. Main body paragraphs should include interesting persuasive facts and personal writer’s opinions. Finally, the conclusion, as the last paragraph of any paper, should lead to the logical ending. The reader must clearly see the solution to the issue or be called for an action.

Reword an Introductory Paragraph

The introduction is the opening statement, and the conclusion is the ending statement. Essay conclusions should influence the reader’s perception of the issue and give a sense of completeness. Basically, a concluding paragraph should include the same information as the introduction. In a typical essay format, new information should be excluded from the last paragraph, which should merely summarize the key points from discussion. Sometimes teachers assign special requirements for concluding paragraphs like offering your personal solutions, possible implications, etc. Thus, do not forget to check your instructions one more time before submitting the paper.

Focus on the Thesis Statement

The goal of the conclusion is not only to summarize what has been written before, but to show the connection with presented ideas and prove that the topic was worth considering. Good essays should always give a sense of writer’s competence in the topic as well as mastery to pay attention to small details. Every conclusion should be based on the thesis statement – the central argument of the paper. The writer should pertain to the facts in an interesting manner instead of rewriting introduction and replacing sentences with synonyms. Teachers want to see how students are able to synthesize information and support claims with relevant materials while writing paragraphs of their essays.

A Suggested Formula for Conclusion

The convincing conclusion is a key to success. Even if your main body paragraphs seems too vague and dull, you can resolve the situation with a good essay conclusion. Many professors ask students to adhere to the formula of writing conclusion in the following manner: the writer has to remind the reader of the topic and the central claim (thesis statement). Second, the writer should point out which position he/she supported throughout the essay. Finally, the paper should end with a call to action or further thinking.

Apply Humor

If you are sure that your professor has a sense of humor, you can begin your conclusion with a question or hilarious statement that will make your paper surprising and uplifted. Some teachers do like to read “shocking” essays that differ much from common papers. However, if you do not think that your claims will be appreciated by the teacher while writing an essay conclusion, do not waste your time. Simply follow the typical format of writing the conclusion that will be highly graded by the teacher.

Polish Your Essay

Check if your essay appeals to logic. Your essay conclusion should be a clear reflection of the topic and the major points from discussion. Do not hesitate to check professor’s task file one more time to see if you followed all the writing steps. Checking the paper for grammar and citation mistakes always brings fruitful results.

The Most Common Mistake

While writing an essay conclusion, some students simply restate the main facts, which do not reflect any logical connections. After reading your conclusion, the reader should not question themselves “so what?” You should not confuse the reader with any new statements or present extensive sentences with a long list of details. Your task is not to summarize the whole paper in one paragraph, but the most brilliant ideas, so that the reader will have a sense of closure and will be eager to explore the topic in the future.