Writing an Exploratory Essay Can Be Easy!

Many students are afraid to be involved in the exploratory essay writing due to the fact that this academic paper is much different from the common forms of writing. The word “exploratory” implies that a student will have to get into uncharted territory and find out something completely new and extraordinary. To be precise, a student will be given a brand new topic and he/she is supposed to arrive at unexpected conclusions. If you would like to learn more about exploratory papers and how to handle this writing task, please check some useful tips presented below.

Peculiarities of Exploratory Essays

  • Exploratory essay topics are the ones that presuppose an idea that a student will have to identify in the paper.
  • In exploratory essays, there is a need to present the analysis of different perspectives while identifying strengths and weaknesses of the object. It is indeed advisable to choose a topic that is interesting for one’s exploration.
  • In exploratory essay examples, you can see that one can write a paper using two different formats: retrospective and impromptu. Students usually choose the second one since the flow of writing seems to be smoother.

Professors ask students to work on the exploratory paper when they want to see if students can easily cover the topic without proper explanation. Professors want to see how students work on their own and how they can apply logical reasoning to elaborate topics. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of. Exploratory papers are not so commonly assigned in high schools because students know little about academic writing and depend much on teachers’ guidelines, which cannot be applicable to exploratory writing.

Exploratory essays should be written according to the following structure:

Introductory Paragraph

  1. Clearly state the topic you are going to explore. You can briefly restate the research question and describe the background of the problem.
  2. Mention why it is important to explore the topic in detail. You can mention a couple of ideas what others think about the topic.

Main Body Paragraphs

  1. Provide more background details about the topic in exploratory papers.
  2. Provide an analysis of research ideas; compare standpoints, identify weak and strong points etc.
  3. Define the most feasible solution and state why others are less appropriate.

Concluding Paragraph

  1. In an exploratory essay, the conclusion is the part where students present unexpected ideas. The goal of exploratory essay is to scrutinize the topic and come to a conclusion, which appeals to you the most.
  2. Present some ideas why you have made such a decision.

Remember that exploratory papers make students explore the topic in detail, analyze all sides of the problem, find versatile solutions and find out something new about the topic. Therefore, your professor is definitely interested in seeing some fresh and extraordinary ideas. Get rid of ideas that refer to the common knowledge and provide some remarkable solutions.