Narrative Essay: Professional Tips

In each narrative essay, you should tell a story about a truthful and real-life experience. Each person prefers to enjoy a good and interesting story - especially when it is very astounding and makes his/ her imagination work. However, a narrative essay usually goes further. In such type of essay, you should do your best to place your personal experience within the brief context of a more complicated and broad theme. Remember that when completing such an essay, you should not only tell a fascinating story but also try to convey why your story has a certain meaning. If you do not have the slightest idea how a decent narrative essay should look like, to begin with, visit our website where you can find a free narrative essay example on any topic. All the essays on our website are available whenever you need to have a look at them.

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Key Steps That Should Be Followed in Writing Any Narrative Essay

At, we consider that the writing process is of great significance. It empowers you to write with excellent or outstanding results by suggesting you proven and necessary steps to follow. Below, we have examined how to write a narrative essay using the step-by-step writing process. You, our dearest customer, should find these tips or suggestions helpful in writing all your narrative essays:

Preparing for Writing a Narrative Essay

The preparing phase in the narrative essay writing process is of great importance. In the following phase, you should think about your real-life experiences in the context of the chosen theme, for instance, ‘write about how you are going to achieve your goal in life.’ When choosing an experience to dwell on, take into consideration that even a small act, deed or incident (or a goal, as in your case) may make a good narrative essay topic if it has any importance for you. If you feel any emotional connection to your chosen topic, your essay will be more fascinating, astounding, and effective.

Once you choose the topic, you should spend some time sorting through your memories and recalling significant details, including the season, day or year, settings, objects and people involved. Consider the sequence of deeds or events, and remember, no detail is too minute. Sometimes the small details can communicate big and outstanding ideas. Completing an outline of your essay is very useful and helpful.

Preparing a Draft

When preparing the draft, follow the ready outline, but try to focus on making your essay come alive. The techniques given below will help you in doing this:

  • According to narrative essay definition, such a type of essay is usually written in the first person. The use of “I” gives an essay immediacy that attracts and engages your reader.
  • Pay attention to all the details as your reader does not have any prior knowledge of your story background.
  • Make your story come alive and vivid. In narrative essay writing, your job is to attract your reader’s attention and involve him/her rather than simply inform.

Revising an Essay

Once your essay is ready, you should review, reorganize or modify it so that it looks perfect. In revising phase, you should reread your essay taking into account the following:

  • Does your narrative essay unfold in an easy-to-comprehend progression of deeds or events?
  • Does your essay involve future readers into your experience? Should it be detailed to attract your reader’s attention?
  • Is the word choice descriptive, or just informative?
  • Has your essay message been conveyed as you have planned?

Consider that in writing such an essay, it is up to you to decide when to reveal the importance of the experience. You can make such connection to the theme in either your opening or ending paragraph.

Editing Your Essay

At this point in the process of writing, you should proofread and make some corrections if there is a necessity. You ask your relatives or friends to read your essay and correct errors in spelling, grammar or style.

Publishing or Handing in a Narrative Essay

Remember that your ideas for a narrative essay are very significant, especially for you, and they are worth sharing with your group or classmates. The key goal is to share and thus learn from the experiences and take into account the feedback to write your next essay much better.