Tips and Hints for Writing a Good Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one of the types of academic writing built around the key argument. It is sometimes referred to as an argumentative essay due to this. In such an essay, you should aim to persuade your reader to accept your point of view or idea.

Persuasive Essay: The Step-by-Step Writing Process

  1. Make a decision on the problem, issue or action you are going to discuss in your essay. Among an endless number of various persuasive essays topics, you should choose a topic that you have a solid opinion on. Consider that it is preferable to choose the topic that people usually disagree on.
  2. Conduct some research on the issue or problem to be sure of how to best state and prove your point of view.
  3. Before starting writing a persuasive essay, it is advisable to prepare an essay outline. You should make a list of the strongest and corroborative arguments that will assist you in proving your points of view. Search for quotes or remarks of famous and trusted researchers or scholars, corroborative pieces of evidence, statistics, or data. All the above-mentioned things can support your arguments.
  4. Complete an introduction. Here you should focus on why the chosen issue or problem is so significant to pay attention to. At the end of the introduction, there should be a thesis statement, which is supposed to indicate your point of view and attitude to the issue or problem under study. Remember that a good persuasive essay should have an outstanding thesis statement.
  5. Argue your point of view, stating a new fact or reason in each paragraph. According to the persuasive essay definition, there ought to be no less than three strong and decent arguments to support your idea or point of view.
  6. Finish your persuasive essay with a conclusion. You are free to express your understanding concerning why the issue or problem is so difficult to agree upon, but state that the position you support is the best variant based on the corroborative pieces of evidence you have provided in your essay.
  7. Proofread and edit your essay.

Take into Consideration the Following pPoints:

  1. While writing persuasive essays, you can use different techniques that are recognized as the most efficient in persuasive writing. These techniques are: appeal to evidence and facts, appeal to emotions, and appeal to logics. Your goal should be to mix these techniques to present a strong point of view.
  2. Focus your arguments on your readers and their qualities. Think of those people you are going to appeal to, imagine your readers’ key characteristics and focus your arguments on what your readers most value.
  3. You should be aware of your opponents’ points of view and then argue about their weaknesses. Try to use such words or phrases as however, otherwise, nevertheless, on the other hand, despite the fact that, on the one hand, etc.
  4. Combine the key and minor points, which also contribute to the general idea. You should begin every paragraph with a major point and then continue to explain it in detail, and present a minor one closer to the end of your paragraph.
  5. Do not forget to use rhetorical questions in your essay. This helps you to make and support your point of view.

Frequently Made Mistakes

  • According to the persuasive essay format, you should build your writing based on the disproof of your opponents’ argument. You should also introduce your points and state that there is an alternative perspective.
  • Do not change your mind when you present your arguments. That is why you should conduct some research to find out all pros and cons of the issue or problem under study.
  • Follow the set structure of a persuasive essay.
  • Avoid using too many facts, proofs, or arguments. That is why it is recommended to prepare an essay outline or plan.