Business Writing Guide

Business writing is not an easy thing to do, but it is totally worth the efforts spent on it. We assure you that knowing the key business writing tips you can easily get a well-paid job, earn a promotion, sign the thousand dollars contracts, become a leader among your colleagues and face any challenges. Poor business writing skills will never make you a successful person, and you will experience the feeling of the constant failures. If you do not possess effective business writing skills, we offer you a workable solution. Learn the following guide carefully and you will see how to improve and hone your writing skills.

10 Steps How to Become a Successful Business Writer

  1. Be sure to learn everything about your target audience. If you write a business letter to some organization, do not be unfounded. All your reasons should be supported by facts and evidence. Spend some time and imagine yourself in the shoes of a person you refer to. Try to see the world and particular subject with their eyes and you will understand what this person needs. Before writing, try to answer the following questions – what does this person like best of all? What are his or her priorities, needs, desires, challenges and goals? The more time you spend learning about your potential partner, the higher your chances to achieve success. What is business writing? Read the below given information and you will find a lot of interesting things.
  2. Try to avoid using the buzzwords and acronyms. Also, do not use too complicated words or words that require explanations. Keep your language simple. Do not use sentence fragments and rhetoric questions. Who likes them?
  3. Do not use the impersonal passive voice. The active voice should be applied in your text. “The plan of the future actions can be presented as following” is the example of the wrong approach. It would be much more effective to say, “I propose the following plan of actions.” Being a business writer, you should express decisiveness and confidence. Use “I am doing” instead “I would like to do”.
  4. There exists a strict business writing format. Your text must be written in a conversational tone. Your reader should not think that you are bureaucratic or too formal. Try to impress them by demonstrating your interest in this particular subject. Even if your target audience consists of many people, try to make your writing interesting and inventive for all of them. Create your advertisement in such a way if you are talking to a particular customer. Think about desires of that customer and your writing will be interesting for thousands of people.
  5. Do not use exaggeration. It is much better to substitute the hyperbolized expressions with valid testimonials and solid facts. Do not say, “We are the best restaurant”; it is better to say “A famous critic Patrick McCain gave us five stars in his recent review.”
  6. Try to convert the product features into the best customer`s benefits. For example, “Our sophisticated IT software will make your system secure and easy to navigate.”
  7. Breathe your essay. Do not hesitate to do it for several times to see its flaws and shortcomings. If you are a student, and you only learn how to perform business assignments, make sure to take it seriously. Every your word should be in the right place to impress and attract your audience.
  8. Always write from the customer`s perspective. Feel free to praise your customer`s company and mention about its strengths. Do not overuse “I”, “We”, “My Company” – nobody likes selfish people. Make sure to empathize on the advantages of your partner if you want to achieve success and make more sales.
  9. Remember that business writing differs from literature writing, so try not to overuse the figurative language and various unnecessary epithets and metaphors. There are many types of business writing. You should choose the most suitable one and develop it in accordance with the desired goal. Be sure to determine the most important idea of your advertisement and stick to it. Do not jump from one point to another - your writing style should be clear and concise. Do not concentrate on some unnecessary facts.
  10. Make your advertisement or letter a call to action. Feel free to include some of the following phrases “Do not hesitate and get a free consultation,” “Click here and get more details about the offer,” “Press Order Now button and our support manager will contact you,” etc.

Following the tips mentioned above, you will make your writing style perfect. Business communication is an art and you can be a brilliant artist.