Recommendations to Write a Perfect App Essay

Students often come to our service, looking for common app essay writing help. They also ask us how they could improve their knowledge and skills to produce outstanding common app essays. They know that the quality of such papers plays a huge role in their overall academic success. This is why we provide a list of recommendations below to help you improve your professional writing skills.

To begin with, you must focus on one single aspect of your story rather than try to grasp the meaning of your entire life. This is impossible, if your common app essay is only 650 words long. The key consideration is the common app essay word limit. Do not try to accomplish the impossible. Rather, spend more time on choosing the best story of your life, the one, which will illustrate and describe your strongest features and sides. For example, once, when you had no money and needed to help your mother cover some medical expenses, you were extremely creative finding two different jobs. In every story, you choose to present, ask yourself how this story helps your audience better understand your strengths. You have to communicate your achievements, passions, interests, hobbies, commitments and ambitions in ways that draw the reader to your paper and make them read it until the very last word. For example, tell the world how your family took care of an ill abandoned boy in a hospital, providing him with emotional support. However, do not tear yourself into pieces, trying to include all great stories in a single paper. Focus on something really important.

Now that you have decided upon the topic, it is time to start writing your paper. Remember that, beyond presenting your story and viewpoint, you should also meet the common app essay requirements provided by your professor. At the same time, do not do several different things at once. It is quite understandable that you want to have the best common app essay. This is why you may want to be writing and editing your paper at once. This, however, is one of the greatest mistakes you can make in common app essay writing. Unless you are Julius Caesar, you cannot devote yourself to several different things simultaneously. Start with writing several common app essay prompts. Better focus on writing. Devote yourself completely to the process of writing. You need to finish writing your paper, before you can read it through and develop a general impression of what you have just written. Otherwise, your editing efforts will be wasted. In addition, it is better if you write your essay and take a break, before you get back to look at it and see where it needs improvements. You cannot cast any critical eye on your writing, unless you have finished writing the whole paper. This way, you will have better opportunities to edit your paper professionally.

It is also important that you do not use any clichés in writing. Believe it or not, readers are tired of clichés. They need something new and creative. Your professors also expect you to present your views creatively, using innovative language and sophisticated synonyms to the most common words. The admission committee will hardly read your paper throughout, if you fill it with some stable phrases and terms. Go beyond these conventional things. Present yourself as creative and proficient in common app essay writing. However, do not forget about meeting the common app essay requirements that are given to you. When you are working on your paper, every detail matters. Express yourself clearly. Avoid ambiguities. Do not make the reader guess what exactly you intended to say in your work. You have to be confident that the message you are trying to convey will reach the target audience. Where needed, add some extra words and delete them, where they create redundancy. Pay attention to every word and sentence you are writing. There is no best recipe for writing a common app essay, but you can still excel in this type of activity. This is how you will be remembered for the common application essay that has stirred the hearts and minds of the admission committee and anyone else, who is lucky to read it.

If you need professional common app essay help, you can always get it. However, if you feel that you have used all methods and strategies available to you, and your common app essay is still far from perfect, try to entertain your audience. This is just another way to draw readers' attention to what you are saying. Nine out of ten common app essays that reach the admission committee are so boring that they are not worth being read. You certainly do not want to face the same fate with your paper. Whatever the subject of your common app essay, it is never too late to include some element of entertainment in your work. Actually, even if you are talking of some serious things, the basic intent of your common app essay is to entertain. Of course, this task is far from easy. You need to have some experience, competencies, and skills to sound compelling and, at the same time, entertaining. You should avoid obvious sarcasm. In no way should you use mockery, so that the members of the admission committee do not misunderstand you. Try to find an optimal balance of seriousness and laughter. Make your readers smile, even if their eyes are full of tears. The strategy you choose depends on your own preferences. You may want to be comic or you may wish to be controversial. Whatever you choose, do it with inspiration and confidence. Keep your paper readable!

Finally, whatever common app essay topics you choose, you must always present yourself in the best possible light. A good common app essay is that, which can be readily summarized in one single sentence. This is also how you can advertise yourself as a competent, concise, and professional writer. Even if your paper contains thorough details and vivid descriptions, you must ensure that your audience can create your image in their heads. This image should be described in one sentence. For example, they should be able to say that they remember you for being comic and self-critical. If the members of the admission committee discuss your paper with each other, they must be able to recall your paper, by saying "the young man who fell of his bike and on the same day met his future wife", or something like that. When you are done with the first draft of your common app essay, read it through and edit it. Make it simpler and more compelling before you are ready to submit it to the admission committee.