Compose a Remarkable Essay About Yourself

Many students think that writing a persuasive essay is much easier than writing an essay about yourself. It is actually true because systematizing information and presenting ideas about an outside topic are not so challenging as writing an essay about who you are. At the same time, many students are misled and think that this essay is all about enlisting your personal achievements and events. Writing essays about yourself is more than enumerating facts about a person. In this form of writing, ensure that you apply all your critical and creative abilities while proving that you are a competent writer.

Discuss One Event in Detail

Essays about yourself give students a chance to explore their personality in detail. The essay should sound like a story, full of vivid details. Sometimes students discuss too much in one paper. Personal essays are usually short and take no more than 1-3 pages. It means that many details simply cannot be squeezed in the text. Students have to focus on one event mostly since the reader should not be overloaded with too many supporting facts. In the essay, you should be as specific as possible. For example, if you would like to mention your trip to another city, you can refer to one specific episode in the bus that changed your outlook.

Choose a Voice and Style of Writing

If you do not know how to start an essay about yourself, do not panic. Treat this essay as a common writing assignment. The most important about this task is the voice. Most of the academic assignments forbid personal pronoun usage, which is not the case with personal essays. The reader should feel the writer’s voice and track his/her personality with the usage of special vocabulary. The style of writing should be neutral rather than formal. If you refer back to your childhood memories, real-life situations, it will not be quite appropriate to write in high academic tone (compare “I tried to open the door” or “I endeavored to open the door”). An essay about yourself is all about simplicity and definitely not formal phrases.

Compose a Real Story

Writing an essay about yourself differs much from research paper writing. Therefore, students are free to apply all possible means of creativity in writing. The common goal of all personal narratives is to compose a paper that will sound like a story. Though it is a short paper, students should not forget about the cliff-hanger and proper ending. The reader should be interested in experiencing the same emotions. You can stir readers’ imagination with literary devices, such as metaphors, similes, imagery, etc.

Follow Provided Instructions

Very often an essay about yourself must be based on specific professor’s instructions. If you have an outline, ensure that your paper adheres to every single point from it. If not, you can always check some templates on the web.

Revise the Paper

If you have to submit a college essay about yourself, please remember that professors are usually very strict about logical inconsistencies and grammar mistakes. It is highly advisable to proofread the paper before submission. Check if your language sounds natural and if the reader will understand your point. You can ask your friends of parents read the essay to see what effect the paper will make on the reader.