Writing an Essay Introduction in Detail

The first paragraph or essay introduction speaks for itself – the writer should introduce the topic to the reader. Even if you have to write a very short essay, you should still include an introductory paragraph that should provide some background information about the subject matter and make the reader interested in reading the paper further. While working on your introductory paragraph, you should mind that the hook is what readers expect to see in this part. In addition, please do not underestimate the importance of thesis statement, which is the last sentence of your introduction and shows the purpose of writing/your standpoint.

When to Compose the Introduction

Sometimes students do not know how to start an essay introduction and prefer to produce the main body and the conclusion and then get back to the first paragraph. It is up to you if you want to work on the introduction first or get back to this step after writing the whole paper. Most of the experienced writers believe that writing introduction should be the last step because it will decrease the chances of including irrelevant information. The student will clearly see all points of discussion and adequately present them in the introduction. In any case, you should always check if your statements in the introduction refer to the major themes discussed in the main body.

Present a Hook

While writing the very first sentence, you have to remember that an introduction essay must grab readers’ attention. It can be achieved only if you want to make your essay interesting. You can work on your hook utilizing different writing techniques. Some professors do like when students include a question in the introduction. Moreover, it is also possible to present some statistics or a quote of a famous researcher who has already explored the issue. Readers like to read the essays that go hand-in-hand with their preferences. For instance, if you work on the topic of student diligence and excellent performance, you can include a quote of Steve Jobs “Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” A small quote will stir readers’ imagination and will make them think more about the topic in the essay introduction.

Include Relevant Information

If you have already decided which hook to include in the introduction for essay, you should think deeper about what kind of information should be further presented not to make the reader bored. Your goal is to create a bridge between the hook and the thesis statement. Please mind that the introduction cannot be long and usually takes a couple of sentences only (unless you are working on a research paper or other extensive academic piece of writing).

If you have already included a quote, do not present statistics or rhetorical question. You can utilize only one means of attracting readers’ attention. Moreover, do not include any personal claims or evidential support in introduction since it should be done in the main body. Introduction is all about presenting some overall details about the topic and readers should not have a sense of being overloaded with information. If you do not know how to write a good essay introduction, there is always a chance to find some templates on the web that will show you the way how to deal with this paragraph.

End with a Thesis Statement

As we have already mentioned, every essay introduction should end with a thesis statement. The primary goal of introduction is to give readers a hint what the further discussion will be based on. Thesis statement usually takes one sentence, but if you work on an extensive paper and discuss much in the main body, your thesis statement can take two sentences. The thesis statement is a significant point in reading, so be sure that you do make this sentence memorable.