An Essay Outline Always Helps to Compose a Good Paper!

We are more than sure that you have experienced the following scenario numerous times in your academic writing: you get back home from your classes, open the task file for the essay writing assignment, take a sheet of paper, write 2-3 sentences and then get stuck. You do not how to move one since there are either too many ideas in your head or just a few, which actually do not pertain to the topic. In such cases, it is preferable to work on the essay outline first, which will guide you in the right direction. Outlines help students systematize ideas and extend the mentioned points instead of breaking their mind with a question “what should I write next?”

Stages for Writing an Argumentative Essay Outline

  1. Make sure you understand what the purpose of writing is. You have to know for sure if you are going to persuade or inform the reader about the notion/object/problem, describe an event, reflect on the personal experience, analyze the issue, etc. Such kind of information will lead you in the right direction. Now you can formulate your topic.
  2. If you are dealing with the persuasive essay outline, you should gather much evidential support to prove your point. In the main body paragraphs, you will have to refer to specific proof, which means that conducting outside research is essential.
  3. If you have gathered relevant materials, you should arrange them and prioritize the facts. Obviously, you will not be able to include everything you have found since essays have specific word count frames.
  4. If your topic is rather extensive, you have to divide it into different sections that will help readers easily comprehend information. There should usually be one paragraph under each subheading.
  5. Write a sketch of your introduction (a few statements). Do not forget to include a thesis statement that will show your position.
  6. If you do not know how to write an essay outline, please remember that this part is all about enlisting bullet points that will be further discussed in the paper. Write down statements for main body paragraphs that will be extended in full sentences later.
  7. Include 2-3 points for the concluding paragraph. Sometimes professors ask to add the “afterthought” – your personal ideas about the topic and how it can be further researcher or how the issue can be resolved.
  8. Make sure that your essay outline format includes relevant parts and correlates with the paper structure that professor expects to see.

Note Some Primary Rules

  1. Do not think that creating a college essay outline is a waste of time. It is a sketch of your work and it will be indeed easier to produce the whole paper at once. Moreover, with the help of outline, you will be able to focus on the key details and exclude irrelevant ideas.
  2. There are different outlines. You can write it in a sentence form and in a bullet point form. The first one presumes composing full sentences, so that your outline will be rather extensive and will be similar to the first draft. The latter implies creating some small statements/phrases that will be extended into full sentences during the writing process.
  3. Remember that the more you work on the narrative essay outline, the less time you will spend on the essay writing.
  4. Outlines help to decide on the paper structure and check the word count frames. Most of the instructors ask to submit outlines as a part of the task.

Avoid the Following Mistakes

  1. Take time to check your instructor’s requirements and understand the purpose of writing. Do not be in a rush while doing research and collecting relevant data.
  2. Do not compare your outline with an essay. It is not an essay. It is a table/template/scheme that you will have to fill out later.
  3. Do not try to include as many details in the outline as possible. It is a short writing task and cannot entail all your ideas or supporting details.
  4. Do not exclude outline writing from your plan. Even if you think that you are an experienced writer, spend some time on the outline and it will definitely bring you favorable results.