How to Write Better: Tips and Pieces of Advice

The majority of students are interested in finding out how to become a good writer or learning how to write better. Our company and our sophisticated professionals have analyzed a huge number of different frequently asked questions that concern the process of writing and its improvements. First of all, you should clearly understand and differentiate such terms as “effective writing” and “good or decent writing”. The former matters a lot, whereas the latter is usually based on your or other people’s opinion.

Every person has his / her point of view regarding what it is supposed to mean to be a “good or decent” writer. In most cases, opinions concerning quality can vary, depending on who you address or ask. It should be noted that effective writing is very difficult to argue with. You should have your writing done - simple and plain.

What should you do to effectively communicate your idea, message, or thought? We have prepared several writing tips that will, by all means, help you with your writing.

The More Practice, the Better

Remember that your writing cannot become excellent in one click only. You will not have better writing skills or improve them if you do not practice every day. So everything that you should do is to start practicing – the more, the better. It is recommended to devote to writing 20-25 minutes every day. For instance, you can start writing different emails, blogs, letters to your friends or relatives, short stories, or even fairy tales. Why not follow such a motto, for instance, 600 words every day. The more you write, the more you can find out and thus improve your writing skills. The more you practice, the better writer you could become.


One of the essay writing tips is aimed at convincing you that you should not write about only those topics that you are interested in. Do not be afraid to read something new or use any reference books or other sources. Remember that it is of great importance to learn. Every day each person learns something new. Why should you be different?

Be Who You Are

Try to be who you are. You should do your best to find your own style or peculiar feature. Do not follow or model other writers’ styles of writing.

Ultimately, your goal should be to discover your unique writing style or voice. Frankly speaking, it is also what your audience expects and wants. If they wanted to read Joyce or Faulkner, they would read these authors.

If you strictly follow our writing tips for students, you should take into consideration such a technique as reading aloud to yourself what you have written. If it does not sound like you, then it is better for you to rewrite your essay.

Do Not Write Like a Smart Alec

You should learn the basic grammatical rules, read some reference books on such formatting styles as APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other manual. You should start honoring your craft and do your best to start writing like a real professional. If you know the rules, then you can easily break them.

Start with Something Simple and Realizable

You should not set a goal to write a 500-pages novel. Try to avoid doing this. Why not start with a one-page essay. Then you can continue with a blog, letter, article, short novel, and then a book. Try to do everything step by step. You will realize that a new horizon waits for you.

Never Give Up

If writing is your desirable dream, you should treat it very seriously. You should write each day and try not to give up. Do not worry, one day your Muse will fly near your ear whispering exclusive and excellent ideas.

False Expectations

Many authors expect that once they have written something, their “masterpieces” should be published as quickly as possible. It could be your opinion but not the point of view a publisher or market.

We hope that the following professional writing tips will help you to become an excellent writer.